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Calling All Crowns!

Welcome to, Ladies!

Traillan is the destination where women find beautiful, timeless adornments to enjoy from I do to Ever after. We offer two collections of exceptional jewelry and a growing line of unique wares for the home. The first jewelry collection, Bridal Bliss, offers an array of exquisite, timeless pieces for brides preparing to enter into the blessed covenant of marriage. Everyday Elegance is the second collection, featuring vibrant, enchanting, and elegant jewelry meant to be worn on the honeymoon, date nights, and any other night (or day!). Lastly, our line of limited, special home decor is called Heart + Home.

A wise man once penned, "A virtuous and excellent wife [worthy of honor] is the crown of her husband, But she who shames him [with her foolishness] is like rottenness in his bones." More than simply a company providing accessories to reflect and add beauty to your days, our desire and aim is to add to the beauty of your crown. As a wife, you have the unique privilege of offering your husband beauty, honor, and life that he cannot find elsewhere. As you are designed to complement your husband, Traillan products are designed to complement you. You are a crown, and we are in your corner.

Beauty is the language of glory, and it's for this reason that each intentional Traillan design is made with intricate care, meticulous attention to detail, and prayerful consideration of your wedding day and every day thereafter.

I hope you find the piece your heart was hoping - and doubting - to find for your wedding day. I hope you discover a new favorite date night necklace. I hope you are encouraged and inspired by the wares we offer to make your house a home. Above all, I hope you don't leave the site without knowing that you are a divine reflection of glory and femininity, and that each day provides a new reason to enjoy elegance.

I cannot adequately convey what a privilege and joy it is to serve you.


Gratefully yours,



P.S. For those of you who may not know, that "wise man" was Solomon, and his insightful quote can be found in Proverbs 12:4.

  • stayce on

    Hi Tramaine, I came across your info. on the Business Boutique. I simply love your site and loved most that you are a Proverbs Woman lol would love to keep you in mind as I build my on-line coaching ministry site if that’s ok. Peace and Blessings …Stayce

  • Sally Sue on

    Tramaine, what exquisite glamour and excellence. May your 2017 be abundantly properous. The new site looks fabulous!

  • Ms Martha on

    Exquisitely lovely! May you prosper and have good success always and forever.

  • Danielle K. on

    Beautiful and elegant…just like you, Tramaine! I’ll be sure to point Mike to this website so he can buy me stuff when he wants to.

  • Lois Hudson on

    Hi Tramaine.

    Congratulations on the launch of this beautiful website and its wares. I pray it goes well for you.

    Blessings and love,
    Lois – M’Lo

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