Tramaine Tillman

Tramaine Tillman, founder of Traillan, is a designer with a passion for creating divine designs that celebrate women, champion marriage, and communicate faith. While many people change their dream profession throughout the course of their lives, she cemented her career goal to be a fashion designer at the age of three. It wasn’t until years later, at the ripe age of 12, that the vision of a design company called Traillan - TRAmaine TILLmAN - was impressed upon her heart.

In order to realize her dream, she first pursued a BS in Business Administration at the University of Southern California and then obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art University. Following university, she spent nearly five years at a major design and manufacturing company in Los Angeles before deciding to launch Traillan.

She wholeheartedly believes that women are vessels of beauty, virtue, and honor. She champions marriage. She’s a testament of God’s relentless grace. She’s happiest when she’s in the presence of family, friends, and/or french fries (yes, she said it).