About the Designer


This design company is the realization of a dream that’s been tucked in my heart since my earliest memories, so it’s truly an honor that you’ve chosen to engage with Traillan. The jewelry I create to complement your story offers a glimpse into the kaleidoscopic nature of my heart and mind, but for those of you interested in learning about the creator behind Traillan, I’m happy to share a bit about myself.

I’m a (Southern) California girl through and through. After spending my childhood in Orange County, I pursued a BS in Business Administration from the University of Southern California (Fight On!) and an MFA in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art University. Post-college, I spent the first handful of years in my career working for an apparel company, before taking an unexpected pivot into the transformative world of tech. As I’ve navigated the anything-but-linear path of my corporate career and achieved milestones my heart never even had the audacity to conceive, I’ve never shaken the call to pursue my childhood dream of being a designer. I cannot recall a day when I haven’t heard a gentle voice, echoing from a distance, beckoning me to create…to see what beauty lies on the other side of heeding that call. 

So here I am. :)

Like every Traillan piece, I believe you were created to be seen, chosen, and loved. I create with the hope that Traillan products will reflect the style you've chosen and respect the dynamic life you’ve created, but also, remind you that you are never unseen, unchosen, or unloved.

Thank you for choosing Traillan,
Tramaine | Creator + Designer

 [Fun Fact: Here I am in Milan, where I'd been robbed less than 24 hours prior. Everything stolen was restored: there's always a reason for hope.]